Vindere af Mogens Fog Prisen


Lotte Levison: Association between incident cancer and Guillain-Barré syndrome development: A nationwide case-control study

Årsmødet blev afholdt virtuelt og Mogens Fog Prisen blev ikke uddelt.
I stedet blev DNS Yngre Forsker Pris uddelt:

1. plads: Christopher Fugl Madelung – Does neurodegeneration of the noradrenergic locus coeruleus follow a spatial gradient in Parkinson’s disease?

2. plads: Sine Mette Øgendahl Buus – Socioeconomic Inequalities in Thrombolysis for Acute Ischemic Stroke

3. plads: Lars Kjøbsted Markvardsen – Subcutaneous immunoglobulin can be tapered off safely in patients with clinically stable CIDP

Årsmødet blev afholdt virtuelt og Mogens Fog Prisen blev ikke uddelt.

Joakim Ölmestig: Effect of Tadalafil on cerebrovascular response in patiens with lacunar stroke (ETLAS-study)
Louise Ninett Carlsen: MOH Brief Intervention – treatment of medication overuse headache in primary and secondary care, a study protocol

Agneta Snoer: Cluster headache beyond the pain phase: A prospective study of 500 attaks
Thor Ameri Chalmer: Early versus later treatment start in multiple sclerosis – a register based cohort study

Lene Duez: Focal epileptiform discharges detected by magnetoencephalography and simultaneous electroencephalography

Páll Karlsson: Nociceptors in diabetic patients undergo structural changes prior to development of neuropathic symptoms

Janne Kærgård Mortensen: Early Antidepressant Treatment and All-cause 30-Day Mortality in Ischemic Stroke

Sonja Orlovska: Head injury as risk factor for psychiatric disorders: a nationwide register-based follow-up study of 113,906 persons with head injury

Emil G. Petersen: Increased risk of skin cancer in myasthenia patients treated with Azathioprine: a nationwide case-controlled study in Denmark.

Erik Johnsen: Improved gait initiation with deep brain stimulation.

Mohammad Sohail Asghar: Evidence for a vascular factor in migraine.

Rasmus Nielsen: Preoperative reduced parasympathetic activity predicts postoperative pain in patients undergoing open carpal tunnel surgery.

Henrik Winther Schytz:  PACAP38 induces migraine-like attacks in patients with migraine without aura.