The first most comprehensive and free to use stroke prevention and recovery (self-management) video guides

I am pleased to inform you that our NZ charitable Stroke Education Trust (NZSET) has just released a website for free videos We will release 1 additional video every week or two until the end of next year, thus creating a whole set (we plan to release over 70 videos by the end of next year!) of stroke prevention and recovery video guides – the first most comprehensive and free to use stroke prevention and recovery (self-management) video guides!

So please subscribe and share the website with your network, and encourage your contacts to comment and subscribe to the website so they can be informed about new releases.  We also encourage organisations (including stroke support organisations and sponsors) to partner with us by sharing our website on your social media platforms and/or contributing other evidence-based self-rehabilitation videos for people with stroke and their family caregivers. If you wish to translate our videos into your own language you are welcome to do so, but to avoid copyright violation you would need to send the translated videos back to the Trust to be formally included in our the suite of our videos. All new self-rehabilitation videos will be peer-reviewed before inclusion on the website. For organisations wishing to arrange a partnership  and have their logos displayed on the NZSET website, we request a high-resolution logo to be sent to us. The videos are available for viewing 24/7.

The New Zealand charitable Stroke Education Trust (NZSET) offers a set of free, best-practice evidenced, internationally endorsed tutorials of general care and rehabilitation video procedures. These can be used by individuals with stroke and/or their family members to improve their post-stroke recovery and reduce the chance of post-stroke complications. NZSET also offers a free, internationally endorsed and validated Stroke Riskometer app for primary and secondary stroke prevention.


Prof. Valery Feigin, MD, PhD, FRSNZ, FAAN, FRAS